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Portable Gas Detector

Portable Single Gas Detector (MTPG06)

1. Features:

    Super Wide OLED display
    Two alarming level Adjustable
    High concentration protection for combustible gas
    Self test for the combustible gas sensor
    Low Voltage indication
    Self-check to avoide testing accuracy
    Visual and audible alarm with vibration
    Self-test when the detector is on with sel-check and self-maintenance
    Password management to avoid wrong operation
2. Technical Data:
   Detecting range: See appendix 1
   Detecting gas: Combustible Gas or Toxic Gas or O2 etc.
   Accuracy: ≤±5% F.S
   Response time: T<30s
   Indication method: OLED idicates the time and status
   Alarming, malfunction and low voltage with OLED, sound, vibration
   Operating Conditions: Combustible gas -40ºC~70ºC;
                                      Toxic gas -20ºC~50ºC;
   Humidity <95%RH no condensation
   Operating voltage:DC3.6V Li battery;Charging time: 4h~6h
   Working time: ≮ 8h continuously for combustible gas;
                          ≮3080h continuously for toxic gas

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